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Circular inline duct fans
Circular inline duct fans with external rotor motor
Product Name:Hydroponics Circular Inline Duct Fan 
Hydroponics Inline Duct Fan represent a technically perfect olution, uniting the advantages of axial fans-straight airflow and easy installation with high pressure stablility, low noise level and high efficiency of the radial fans.
Hydroponics Inline Duct Fan are centrifugal duct fan with backward curved centrifugal impeller inside. They are used widely in all kinds of situation for air transportation, adding pressure and excluding air. Such as at home, apartment, hospital, office, meeting room, market, store, hotel, restaurant, cinema, storehouse, washing room, and so on.
Hydroponics Inline Duct Fan is used to transport clear gas, forbidden for easy flammable, explosive or corrosive gas. Impurity in the gas have to be not more than 100mg/m³.