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PP4-72 Polypropylene anti-corrosive centrifugal fans

P4-72 polypropylene centrifugal fan is made of polypropylene plate and welded by heating and pressing
die according to the performance parameters of metal 4-72. It is widely used in scientific research,
chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, medicine, textile, instrumentation, electroplating, mining, school
hotels, hotels, laboratories, environmental protection equipment and other industries for ventilation,
ventilation, acid and alkali removal and other harmful gas ventilation. However, it is not allowed to transport
corrosive gases such as halogen derivatives and ketones containing aromatic compounds, aliphatic and
aromatic hydrocarbons. It has the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance, non-ageing, low
specific gravity, low mechanical vibration, low noise and smooth operation. It is not allowed to transport
gases containing viscous substances, dust and hard particles less than 150 mg/m3, gas temperature less
than 50 C and relative humidity less than 100%. And to avoid sunshine exposure, there should be no heat
source near the fan site.

Structure and characteristics of PP4-72 polypropylene anticorrosive centrifugal fan:
1. PP4-72A fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, motor and so on. The bracket is made of sprayed
(1) Impeller: It consists of blade and hub, all made of PP polypropylene plastic.
(2) Shell part: It is made of PP polypropylene plastic and consists of shell and bracket.
(3) Motor Department: Horizontal motors specially designed for anti-corrosion centrifugal fans are used,
and anti-corrosion paint is sprayed on the fuselage surface.
2. Anticorrosive plastic centrifugal fans have high aerodynamic efficiency, low noise and strong corrosion
3. Applicable medium temperature range: -10-50ºC, medium relative humidity < 100%, dust content
< 100mg/m3.